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Your Guide to Buying Shears Online

How to get the best quality at an affordable price!  Sorry to say there are unscrupulous people selling hair cutting scissors.  You can find them online, at the beauty shows, giving training classes and even coming to your salon.  This guide will give you the power to weed out the bad apples and help you find the best value for your hard-earned dollar.

  1. Steel quality ranges from 330A-C, 410, 420, 440A-C to V1-V10 and Damascus Steel. Be aware of assuming a “Made in Japan” is synonymous with quality steel.  Some companies claim their scissors are Japanese when in fact, they are not.  Others will engrave the word “Japan” on the shear to give the impression they were made in Japan.

Historically, “Japanese” stood for quality in steel and craftsmanship.  Today, it is not necessarily true.  Some Japanese companies use lower quality steel and sloppy craftsmanship.  We have lost money buying from Japanese companies that deliver poor quality in steel and craftsmanship.

We live in an evolving world of competition and change.  When I was a boy in the early 50’s things made in post-war Japan were mainly cheap trinkets.  Now things have changed in the fields of electronics, automobiles and scissors.  My wife has over 300 thousand miles on her Toyota SUV.  My best Camera is made in Japan.  Some of the Chinese scissor manufacturers make better hair cutting scissors than some of the Japanese scissor manufacturers.

It is not possible to look at a pair of scissors and determine the quality of steel.  You can see the quality of craftsmanship.  My advice is to buy from a company you know and trust (insist on an unlimited lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee.)  

  1. Here are the steps you should take.
    1. Inspect the shear for defective workmanship (in person or online images).
    2. Read the reviews, testimonials and watch video if available.
    3. Avoid “Warranties” that can be voided by dropping or having your shears sharpened.
    4. Insist on a “Satisfaction Guarantee.”
    5. Don’t be fooled by a scissor payment plan option into overpaying for your shears. My company Diamond Rose Shears, LLC was the first in the industry to offer interest free payment options. (We do not believe you should pay extra for the privilege of spreading your payment into affordable installments.)
  2. Shear samples of various steel grades:
    1. Sorry, we do not carry anything lower than a 440C steel quality. We only purchase from factories that offer “premium” quality scissors. (Our shears are private labeled to our specifications)
    2. 440C Steel – Musashi MR22
    3. 440C Steel – Sayuri S24
    4. V10 Steel – Musashi MD3
    5. Damascus Steel – Musashi MD11

Sayuri S24
5.8 Inch $565.00 ($47.00 Monthly)

Musashi MD3
5.5 - 6.0 From $2,100.00 ($175.00 Monthly)